26 October 2009

Baba Au Rum (kinda)

I saw RR do a Baba Au Rum (or Rum Baba) knock off, so I did it for Diamond's birthday 1 year - minus the rum & sugar free. It's an easy put together.

1/4 cup sf vanilla syrup (found on coffee isle)
1 large sf angel food cake (found in bakery section)
2 cups prepared sf vanilla pudding
1/2 - 1 pint each your fave berries (I used strawberries & blueberries for Diamond, I love all berries tho I think)

Slice cake in 1/2 horizontally.
Drizzle syrup over cake halves.
Spread most of the pudding over center of cake, then add part of the berries, & put halves back together.
Spread the rest in the "hole".
Top with remaining berries & around in the hole.

*If the natural sugar in fruit is too much, just leave it out & use sf Hershey's syrup or sf ice cream toppings.

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