26 January 2010

My Country Hash

A homemade biscuit with egg, mild country sausage & home fried potatoes cooked together, topped with creamy country gravy and shredded cheddar cheese. Better than Bob Evans!

Homemade biscuits from friend's recipe (previously posted), or you can use canned.
Fried a roll of Mild Country Sausage until done.
Boiled diced potatoes until almost done & then added to the fried sausage to crisp up the edges. Season all with s&p.
I am not a gravy maker, so I did cheat & make a packet of McCormick Country Gravy Mix in a separate pot.
Made an over easy egg for each plate.
Then assembled: split open & butter biscuit. On top spread the the potato/sausage mixture. On top of that ladle on some gravy. Top all that with the egg & sprinkle with shredded cheddar.
You could really cheat with this if you wanted it to go faster (the most you have to wait for are the sausage & potatoes). Packet gravy, canned biscuits, already cooked sausage, frozen home fries, shredded cheddar - it'd be a heat n eat.

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