01 November 2009

Frugal List

There are times where we have to be a little bit more frugal with our grocery bill. So I have figured out a list of dinners that doesn't take many expensive ingredients. It's a very monotonous list, but it works.
1. Hot dogs
2. Hot dogs
3. Hot dogs
4. Hamburgers
5. Hamburgers
6. Pasta
7. Pasta
8. Pasta
9. Chicken & macaroni
10. Chicken & macaroni
11. Italian Sausages
12. Italian Sausages
13. Pizza
14. Pizza
15. Pizza

Or I'll take away 2 of the hot dog times & make a big pot of vegetable soup, etc. to last at least 2 days (DH & DD aren't fond of leftoders).
I also make sure I'm not buying any repeats, not stocking up on anything, etc. I make the list as minimal as possible, but have to make sure we won't run out. It helps.

*Note: leftoders is not a typo, it's a quote from a cartoon DD used to watch*

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