06 September 2011

Corn on the Cob (COC)

It has been a wonderful season for local corn on the cob. I have found that the most flavorful way to fix it is the microwave of all things! It roasts it. It steams it. It comes out so nice & tender all in its own husk. And so easy!
Cut the tips of the cob.
Do not shuck it, but open up the end of the silks just a tad.
Put a paper towel in your microwave (just to not have silks & husk in the bottom of your microwave).
Lay the cob on the paper towel.
Microwave 1 cob at a time for 5 minutes each.
No turning or fussing or anything.
Use oven mitts to remove the cob to a plate & cover with a paper towel to keep warm.
Put in next cob & repeat process.
I use oven mitts to take them out because they are steaming hot.
When they are all nuked, I shuck them all at the same time using the oven mitts as well (still hot).
You can butter, S&P them individually or all at the same time.

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